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National Health Care Discount

  1. How do I know this company is legit?

    NHCD has been in business for 15 years, we have over 2,000,000 members who save up to 65% on medications by working with Hundreds of pharmacies located all across the USA. We have been members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau since 1989. NHCD is based in Sioux City, Iowa in the Davidson Building.

  2. Do I have to pay any thing to get started?

    Yes, we do ask that you place a 100% refunded security deposit of $69 to cover half the cost on the connection fees to have your line connected to our office so you will not be charged for long distance that results from your position. Our company will pay the other half.

  3. Do I get my security deposit back?

    Yes, It is very expensive to hook up the access codes and this will assure us that you are serious and want to work and receive your deposit back.

  4. How long will it take to get my deposit back?

    You will receive your deposit back after your probationary period which is 5 weeks, which in that time you are required to have at least worked 3 hours per week. This would result in approx. 100 calls a week since they only last 2-3 minutes each. Any thing less than 3-4 hours a week is not the commitment level we are looking for.

  5. Do I have to read the script or can I change the wording?

    It has been found that the script works. You will see this once you have received it and look the material over. So yes we do require that you stick to it.

  6. Can I use my cell phone?

    No, we require that you have a line into your home(land line)this is the only way we can connect the access code with the phone company.

  7. How do I get paid?

    We will send your check out weekly on Friday. We do hold back the first 2 weeks just like any other company.

  8. Can I make bonuses?

    Yes, we offer daily bonuses you will be given an 800 number to call daily to check and see what bonuses are for the day.

  9. Do they track my performance?

    Yes. your manager will get a daily log of your call records and you will turn in information daily to be paid.

  10. Are there any benefits?

    Yes, our employees receive the Prescription and Optical programs after 30 days to use for themselves and the other people in their household.

  11. What type of training will I receive?

    Once you have paid your deposit we will contact you with in 24-48 hours with your managers information. They will then contact you to set up your conference training class and to make sure you are hooked up to the phone access code. They will also give you a password to our site to download the training packets that you will be covering in training. Once training is over and you are connected to the system you will log on to our server and download your list of names and numbers to call and you can begin work immediately. We also have ongoing training classes each week for you to attend. These will only help you reach your goals.

  12. Do you take out taxes from our checks?

    No, you will be a independent contractor and are solely liable for your taxes.

If you are ready to start your new career today go to the apply link and submit it on line. Any other questions we can answer during your interview, so please write them down.
We hope to hear from you on this exciting opportunity. Apply Today!!!


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